Friday, July 4, 2008

a new job!

 happy 4th of july!!!!!!!!!!!!


here's hopin' everyone's 4th is a celebration you never forget.....

started my new job today   yep i got it  was hired a couple days ago but i've been soooo busy i' haven't had the time to make a note here   so i started this morn @ 6am  worked til 2pm   it was a decent day  thought i did pretty good til the manager talked about checkin' IDs   i was calculating sum of them in my head, but i learned that i can put it in the register and we also have another scanner we can use   he emphasized checkin ids on all restricted sales which include cigarrettes, alcohol & beer   i didn't sell any liquor today because i don't have the certification class til tomorrow   since i was only selling cigs, i only occasionally checked them   well the manager told me of the sting operation they had at their store very recently   they handcuffed the guy and took him out   as in training yesterday, the facilitator talked about the sting operations going around   so yep i NEED to just get in the habit of running the ids thru the register regardless of age   i'll start that on sunday  also i need to LOOK at the photo and the expiration dates on the ids   so i did good, but definitely can and need to do better on the restricted sales especially   i ain't going to jail over nobody's ass    by the end of the shift i was ready for a cig of my own  still may have one   just cancelled going to the Isotoopes baseball game tonite because i'm so wiped out   after work i had errands to do out in the sun   another drainer to my day   although there has been sum rain the past few days, it's still too hot during the day   so i'm going to lay low tonite   besides i learned today that the baseball game has standing room tickets only for tonite   really not up for that kind of crowd tonite   thought everyone wood be out of town since it's a 3day weekend   anyways, i'll take a nap and maybe go to sum other fireworks tonite   then i could take my camera and unipod and try catching the spectacular displays of fireworks tonite   have a safe weekend everyone....Remember our troops that are still overseas during this holiday   HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


rdautumnsage said...

Congratulations on the job hon. Once again I hope your 4th was a delightful one. (Hugs)Indigo

jmorancoyle said...

    Happy Fourth to you my friend. Congrats on the job.