Thursday, July 31, 2008

Life is Good

       Do what you like

                                                Like what you do.

so, like before and after workin' at Jen's office today, i went window shopping again for backpacks and other equipment for my trip   of course i'm lookin for the bargain hoping to not buy everything at my favorite store=REI    so i went to my favorite store second    there a guy helped in fitting me for a backpack   boy did i get an education on backpacks   how they fit =at the hips and shoulders   how snug they're suppose to be once packed  making it so compacted that nothing moves around all over the place    all those extra straps are for something   he fitted two different ones for me   $50 difference in price   he also packed each one so that they were 30lbs or more and i wore them 10mins each around the store    i didn't know backpacks were to fit soooo good   i decided on one, then went back to the more economical sports store   the backpacks didn't fit, even after i adjusted them as much as i could   but hey, i came home and checked out the two packs i had picked up at yard sales for nothing   one i immediately realized won't work at all    the other fit perfectly   it just needed some straps, which i picked up at REI (my main purpose to go there today)   so i have a pack!   but may splurge for the new one because they have a place for a camel pack water bag to go inside them which carries 2liters (i need twice that amount of water to carry into the canyon) anyways, my friend Maggie may have some boots i can have (if she can find them)  if i get the boots from Maggie i may go ahead with the purchase of a new pack   otherwise, i'm investing big bucks ($140) for new boots    although i did find some good boots at the sports store, they're too light weight for backpacking   i need a medium weight in order to balance   so right now, i've saved me $200-250 on a backpack by using the one i have   i'm ecstatic about that especially since finding out last nite that there's a possibility that George won't be going with me on the trip   he may get a job (which at the moment he doesn't have one)  so it's waiting to see IF he gets the job & IF they let him have the time off to do this   i'm going regardless although my friend Marsha is trying to talk me out of going alone   ok i'm weird   i do things alone   i have for a loooooong time   i know i can handle it   besides there will be plenty of people on the trails besides park rangers i'm sure   i'll be fine!   this is my birthday present to me   gotta make the big 5-0 something special!!!!!!!!


ksquester said...

I do lots of things alone too, so I totally understand. You are so right about the back packs.  Glad he taught you a thing or two. All the young kids take them to school and my grandkids packs always would fall apart. So, I learned to spend a few dollars more on theirs and it makes all the difference in the world and saves me $$  in the long run.  I have no doubt that you will see the Canyon........what a wonderful present you have waiting for you.  Anne

sunnyside46 said...

it's good you are doing lots of research
It is a wonderful experience for the big 50
what great birthday present
You are brave to think o going alone

jmorancoyle said...

    I don't remember how I spent my 50th. (I'm 53 now.) I was probably feeling sorry for myself for getting old and no one noticing. I'd say go for it, except that there really are several safety issues involved. Think, please, before committing yourself to doing this by yourself.