Friday, July 11, 2008

supercuts & Shamu!

                              ok, so i'm experimenting   i just figured out how to move the pic from the left hand side of the page....duh!    anyways, the next step will be to figure out how to type down the sides of the photos......anyways, so yesterday i cut my hair again   although i recently posted pics of me growin' my hair, i couldn't take it any longer   just not ready for that long hair   don't know why i torment myself...well maybe i do...but i love my short hair   i did cut it a bit different style this time, leaving some fullness on top   although i love buzzin' it around the ears and back   may have to go back to that    so anyways, while cutting my hair, my hairdresser Carmen was telling me there's a Sea World in San Antonio, TX   AND it's only 10hrs away from here   hey that's a nice bike ride down there   i want to see Shamu again   fell in love with him/her when we went two years ago in florida   this time i won't sit so close as to get drenched and i can take pics of Shamu this time   didn't want my photograhpy equipment gettin ruined   so anyways, found the above photo in deviantart page   now i MUST go asap   maybe next spring as a conditioner for my long road trip to Washington state   i've got it on my agenda for sure   besides i'd like to see the Riverwalk again in San Antonio   haven't been there in over 30yrs since i did basic training at Lackland AFB...what an adventure it wood be!


jmorancoyle said...

    I hope you do go. Been to SeaWorld in Florida and in Sandusky, Ohio. We enjoyed both places.

robinngabster said...

We lived in San Antonio for 3 years.  Hubby was a MTI at Lackland, I am sure you remember your TI well from your basic days.  LOL

The Sea World there is very nice.  We loved going, we always took a picnic lunch and ice chest and when we got tired in the park instead of spending 10 bucks for a so-so hamburger in the park we would go to the parking lot and find a nice patch of grass to have our picnic and once full and rested we would head back in.  There are a lot of grassy spots and they don't mind you coming and going as long as you get your hand stamped.  Hope you get to go!