Monday, July 7, 2008

thanks Raven!

       i got this clip from a site given to me by Raven Laments    this wood be me every mornin with my java even in the summer   i'll post the website in a anyways, i'm just chillin today   had lunch with Stephen and borrowed his bicycle so i can start gettin' back in shape for the Grand Canyon   The Cibola National Forest is closed right now due to very high fire danger which means no hiking except in open space   think i'll get another bicycle anyways to ride for conditioning when i'm not up for a hike   maybe i can lose a couple pounds and keep it off this time   i used to bicycle all the time but got out of it when i was walking 10+miles a day delivering mail   now that i'm not doing that, i could enJOY a bicycle ride almost daily for a couple hours   i'll get another mountain bike and ride the open spaces where i hike too   that should be fun   my last mtn bike went to a yard sale for a postal co-worker who had breast cancer   it sat in the garage for a few years, so i sent it off for a good cause    anyways, i'm all ecstatic about hiking the Grand Canyon in November   don't know when the dates are exactly but it will be within the first 2 weeks of the month as requested   it'll be cool, or cold, but i'll cuddle with George if i have to keep warm   we'll be alright   we also have decided to drive over to that new bridge the Native Americans hoisted over the canyon    it's another 4hr drive west of where we will be, but we just added an extra day to the trip=provided the funds and time is available   it should work out   i always figure where there's a will, there's a way!!!!  i'm on cloud 9 and i haven't even gotten there yet.....

anyways, after lunch with Stephen i took a nap   the last 4days in training at the new job has been a bit hectic   mostly getting the confusion of alcohol sales cleared up with a phone call to my boss   yesterday when i worked there were 2 situations that arose that others questioned my judgment in one of those situations and the other was a homeless guy, apparently a regular at our store, who came in and i woodn't sell to him    the first situation, a mother & son came in and i didn't ID the son   i felt she was responsible for him and he's not the one to bring the beer up to the counter  well Johnny who i was workin' with felt different   so i ID'd the kid anyways who turned out to be 21 anyways   o well    as far as the homeless guy,  we are not to sell to intoxicated people, plus my boss said if they even smell like liquor-DON'T SELL   i don't know if he was intoxicated, but i smelled alcohol which he probably smells that way constantly   i have no idea for sure that he isn't intoxicated   plus he was stumbling on the way out the door, but i didn't judge that to be intoxicated   he could be disabled too for he was carrying a cane   anyways, the manager-in-training knew him and sold him the liquor   i just don't feel comfortable selling to the homeless who drink all the time   this happened years ago when i worked a convenience store   the manager sold to him that time  i woodn't    i have a lot of compassion for the homeless, i just don't sell to intoxicated people!

well, so much for the job   It's all good....right now i'm off to Marsha's again for a moment   forgot my tea & beer i took over there last nite   didn't have the beer last nite, think i will tonite    i took the day off from the mall   a much needed rest for today   plus i work the rest of the week every day either at the mall or at the new job=Circle K   i finally calculated that i'll quit the mall job in 2-3weeks   then it's just one job again, other than helping my friend Rev Jennie at her office a couple hours a week  that's nothing....i'm off



sunnyside46 said...

that's weird
I wanted to buy some wine with some groceries with my teenager and they would not sell it to me, so I had her go to the car and went back in and bought it.
Anyone who has a teenager needs a drink!
Hmmm, I wasn't drunk, I wonder if I looked homeless?

rdautumnsage said...

Your welcome hon. The other things you asked about the quotes and poetry. I'm giving you a link to a quote site I used and as for the poetry it's lyrics from songs that inspire me. I've found quite a few songs are a melody of poetry. I'll give you a link to that one too. You can look up any song by any artist and find the lyrics. (Hugs)Indigo


Lyrics finder:


jmorancoyle said...

    When I worked claims for the insurance company, we dealt with dram shop insurance. That is insuring a liquor establishment like a bar or a convenience store from the actions of others who were drinking when they got into accidents or worse, caused accidents. Selling liquor to someone who is already intoxicated puts the sales person in the position of contributing to the accident. You made a good call on that. That's also what I hated most about working at 7-Eleven was dealing with the drunks.