Tuesday, April 26, 2005

back to the grind again

i faced the closed doors,  locked and no audible sounds   i was surprised to find them locked tonight    it was the first nite for another church class   i was late  half hour to be exact   i knocked but no one heard   i was sooo disappointed but will soon learn why? they were locked   i hope it was a mistake   i left a message on Rev Jennie's home phone so she can call be about the class   she's teaching the class and i was lookin forward to learning more from my mentor    i just hope it wasn't a sign that i'm not suppose to take this class   i'll know soon ....in the meantime, i'm back to the grind at work   grind = working overtime  10+hr days  sometimes walking 8 of those hours   UGH!   well only because i need the dough, but my body is aging and i felt a change in my momentum a couple months ago  it was the same change i felt at 35   when you're doin a walkin route daily 5-6times a week plus some, it is very wearing    the men must be able to endure longer   this year we had a 63 yr old guy who did a walking route daily at a 'fast' pace   i don't know how he did it   i'd like to be able to last that long on a walking route, but......we'll see   i'm still hopin for an early retirement....anyhow, now i sit and my body doesn't move   as i said, i'm back to the g...r...i...n...d     

affirmation of the day:     On Letting Go 

Nothing is ever lost in the Universe.  That which is mine returns to me.  I release my hold on life so that it can flow freely.  I release my hold on things so they can be in their right place.  If something does not return I know there is something better for me ahead.  I prepare to receive my greatest good now as I let go in order to receive.

in the near future i'll write more on my spirituality....God bless....take care


ksquester said...

Well, I thought my raincoat was lost for good and I found it today. It was in the truck of my car. My brother-in-law is a mail carrier in Edgewood(?) N.M. Sorry about you getting locked out tonight. Anne

karebear4x4 said...

Anne,  I live in Albuquerque, NM and used to live 5mins away from Edgewood.  Maybe i can look up your brother someday.  It's a small world.....and as far as being locked out   my brain was not working all day today for some reason, or i'd thought to go to the other building.  but all is fine, i'll join the class next week:-)~kbear

sunnyside46 said...

the affirmation sounds like something from Unity.
Is that your church?

karebear4x4 said...

Marti,   no my church is not Unity.   I am aware of the Unitarian church but don't know what it's about.  My church is the First Church of Religious Science.   In an early journal entry of mine, just a few back, i wrote a little about my church.   More to come~kbear