Saturday, April 30, 2005


i finished that paper:-)   i crawled thru it  i was going to start it last night, BUT decided against it    i knew i wouldn't sleep researching for that paper   i was tired anyways due to the cold wind that had blown into town yesterday   so i hit the sack early and started on the paper today   i took small bites on the research and took many, many breaks   i finished the paper 200 words short of its requirement   i could have come up with the remainder of the words, however, my stomach couldn't take it anymore  before i fell asleep last night, or maybe it was when i first woke this morn, i realized the Helter Skelter event back in 1969 is the only crime scene thus far in life that i just can't handle   it's just too horrific of a crime scene to visit but the research did educate me more than i knew at age i can breathe and sleep well tonight   didn't so last all a good nite and sweet dreams

no affirmation with this entry   too much contrast to the imagery....manana


lacaza3 said...

Glad you finished your paper....those things can be a pain even if its a subject you like
Donna In TEXAS

jmorancoyle said...

Take this in stride and be confident of the fact that Manson will never see the light of day.