Wednesday, April 20, 2005

James and the Bear

i think this is a test....i called james today and the phone call lasted literally a minute or two he was at the doctor's office and obviously in pain he's a monster when he's ailing i swear i deal with 2 different people when it comes to james, but i love the guy when he's happy and healthy he is most loving and gentle But....when he's hurting physically he's a Bear to deal with one who's space has been invaded by unwelcomed strangers maybe he stung like a bee today because i'm not at my best emotionally   maybe not  i'm not sure what to do during these moments except maybe walk away   leave him be    i'm not even sure he has active cancer and is dying, but because he believes it then i believe he will die sometime in the near future   funny how one person can ignite so many questions about death, the dying and life    yet at the moment i don't have the time to explore those thoughts until my next break from school   need to go back to the bookstore and purchase those books on dying and how to handle one who is    time is an illusion, yet there doesn't seem to be enough time for everything    discipline, determination, perserverence and patience will get me there....all in time...........i love this latest song by George Strait   very soothing to my soul!.............

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