Monday, April 25, 2005

Modnay Blues

I had a rough day at work which angered me all day   maybe it's just menopausal bitchyness but anyhow, another time another story.......I want to thank everyone for stopping in for a visit with my journal    your warmth and support is most appreciated   words are lost for my gratitude   and it's great to meet such wonderful people in j-land......this is a very short entry for i didn't get home til late and i have homework to post before midnight, not much but need to get right to it....Candace, and others interested in the affirmations, i did get it from a weeny teeny tiny book free from my church   it's about the size of a brochure   however, the Science of Mind magazine is full of affirmations   for those who don't know, i'm a religious science person by faith   First Church of Religous Science is my church   it isn't a religion, it's a philosophy regarding God with includes opinions of philosophy, revelations of religion and the laws of science as it is applied to human need and the aspirations of individuals.   Anyways,  the Science of Mind magazine is about the size of Reader's Digest and half it's thickness   it comes out monthly and cost about $3 i think.   We have the Science of Mind book written by Earnest Holmes who founded the church in the late 1800s i believe, it is our 'bible' so to speak.   In the back of this book is a load of affirmations and i will post some more, daily if i can remember.    here is another:

I greet each new day with joy and expectancy for I know Infinite Intelligence and Love guide my every action.  Every moment is a new beginning as I recognize God in all situations, people, and things.  My life is filled with good in all forms.

.....ok, i must run.....more soon   take care....


lacaza3 said...

I would love to read more about this..I love reading affirmations...
and other views of god
Donna In TEXAS

candace636 said...

"....Every moment is a new beginning as I recognize God in all situations, people, and things.  My life is filled with good in all forms...."

Truer words were never spoken. : )