Tuesday, April 19, 2005

first day of class again

hey everyone, i'm still around. again i had computer problems, and again i 'just' got my notebook back. at least this time i have better insight into the problems and hopefully they're all fixed now. i should have let George do the installs all the other times. he's a computer geek and a guy i dated for a few months (too geek for me), but he's a really nice guy. so now i'm here again, BUT....school is here again. once i get through the first week or two, i should have some time to creatively write again, or at least i hope...i got online tonight to find 245 emails awaiting me.  after clearing out all the junk mail, i began the journey through all the aol journals i keep up with.   i'm still not completed.  Dona had written a minibook since i was offline, lol.  but i enjoyed every entry thus far.  had to comment on 3 of those for sure.   then there are the other journals i had to comment on.  to say the least, i realized i didn't get this journal updated with photos or journals i keep track of due to its glitches.   well maybe in another 5weeks unless i can find some days off from school.  i'll need something to relax me from school.   the beginning of a class, i'm always nervous, excited, scared out of my wits yet determined to get thru it.   tonight i remembered what it was like for over 15yrs ago in college.  i was the same with each new class.   eventually i settle into the groove and trek away in the course.   good thing i have my hiking shoes.  so tonight, i check into class and the sore thumb that sticks out is that the prof does NOT accept any late assignments.  I'm thinking o great!  no flexibility or longitude or latitude or nothing.   i wasn't late last class for any assignments, but i do appreciate the cushion.   stress management is the pits these days.  well guess i need to get out my cigs and beer more this course, lol...anyways, it's great to be back online!  Next to my camera, this is my favorite toy.  o yeah, my 4x4 too!   well til i write again.....God bless....take care! 

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