Sunday, April 10, 2005

much to do about nothin'

a short note since it's been a few days or a week   i've lost track of time   my windows program crashed on me again and i just got it reloaded tonight temporarily that is   i'll replace it with a new windows xp program in a couple weeks   because i'm using this one over again which i think is against the rules...o well, this will work for the good news i've completed one class at UOP this last week, and did fairly well   i'm happy with my A-   i get to start my next UOP class this thursday providing i find a copy of my 2003 tax returns which i have misplaced   i go to the IRS manana for a copy i hope......and in a couple days, tuesday evening, i will be completing my foundations class at church   spent $50 today for my project due in the class on tues   i put some photos together after enlarging them  at the local walmart   i'll have them enlarged from the negatives for my my house in the near future    I love photography and have a talent in it yet i just don't get to do it enough    when i get to retire from the p.o. i'm going to UNM here in abq and get a photography degree   i'd love to have it as a great hobby and maybe a professional photography career   all in time     once i get this computer jiving, i'll put some photos on this journal .....the final entry here is to answer Dona's question about home or where i've lived   Dona is another woman's journal i keep up with   great journal   still need to list other journals i keep up with....anyways,  i was born in KY and we moved to IN when i was 6yrs old and then grew up there   i left when i was 18 1/2yrs joining the Air Force   my journey in military landed me in spokane, wa where i call home away from here abq, nm    i've been in nm for 17yrs now after chasing relationships around the world and back, somewhat literally, then landed in pitt, charlie brown, is pawing me...i've got to go........

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