Wednesday, April 20, 2005

The Pope....and resentment

I wanted to comment on the new Pope yesterday, but i was waning and not sure i even made sense in my last entry...anyways, i was home yesterday and 'just' happened to turn the tv on right after the announcement of a new pope so for some reason, maybe intrigue, i sat down and awaited for the upcoming event as i listened to the news correspondents and commentators, the question came to mind if the Catholic church is a machine just like the political machine? they were discussing about the 'different' catholics i.e. liberals, conservatives, doctrine traditionals, and it all sounded like politics to me    i do have a bit interest in politics, yet need to learn far more to truly understand it   well it came to me, i have far more to learn about religions besides my own spiritual journey and again i was reminded about my mental illness journey    this is where my resentment comes in   although only extremely small in nature, i do resent in rare moments having my mental illness   it only comes when i remember all the years i could have further educated myself in college and world affairs as i was on that path to begin with before my crazy days hit   now i'm like a babe in the woods again, just beginning the trek all over again with extremely little or no memory of what i learned before those dark cloud days   to me knowledge is power and far out weighs money any days as far as i'm concerned   the more you have knowledge, the better your judgment and critical thinking one can exercise in dealing with life and all the curve balls thrown your way   i feel keepin in touch with politics, others beliefs, and world affairs at least a little assist me in 'knowing' people and our society a little better   these facets remind me of what's out there that will confront me at any given moment   knowing people better will allow me the peace to honor their beliefs and opinions although i may disagree with them   compassion and understanding can go alot farther than anger or discord finally comment on the Pope    i wasn't happy to hear he had denounced other religions and beliefs   i've heard this from many others along my journey in life, and why is it so important for those to believe their's is THE ONLY WAY or is better?    humans are too complex to really understand i think   yet i may find my answers once i continue my own spiritual journey through the Course of Miracles, the Bible, and other spiritual works including philosophy which is a base in my church.....a mind is a terrible thing to waste...Knowledge is power!....p.s. the Gifts i received from my mental illness far out weigh the slightest resentment and the 'bad' of it so to speak.   I am truly grateful for it actually happening.   it's been a blessing in disguise....

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