Sunday, April 24, 2005

Yep, a Date

Yes Candace, it was a date! Yeah! I even got a kiss. I wasn't sure whether it would be a date or not, but i asked him we went to an early dinner in lieu of the late lunch it was the best date i've had in YEARS! we sat and talked for 2 1/2hours covering some of our past relationships , our interests, and daily events of our lives And FINALLY, i've met a guy who's not wanting to hop in the sack with me yesterday he believes in forming a friendship first which i'm all for i told him he was a rare find   he was tellin me about some of the money he spent on his last relationship    O God !   no one has ever spent that amount of money on me   probably not even the total amount of one piece of jewelry he spent on his last woman   I had to warn him i'm a pretty independent woman   that i was the bread winner and carried the other relationships   it would be a major adjustment for me to have someone take care of me  and i'd still have my independence   (my shrink mentioned maybe i was too independent)   well it hasn't been by choice  i've been taking care of myself since i was 16, especially financially  i just didn't have to pay for the roof over my head until i was 18...anyways,  i told him if we continue dating he doesn't have to spend much money on me   actually our first date we went to the dollar movie   he said we could go to a regular movie, but i was happy with the movie at the dollar theater    alot of the things i enjoy doing aren't very expensive   like camping and hiking or taking a overniter somewhere in new mexico that i haven't been    he told me i'm a cheap date, lol    i reminded him that i told him that on our first date    it's not about the money to me   he makes more in 3 months than i do in a year, but i'm not about money   i want a true friendship with my future spouse and to know we are compatible and can endure whatever life hands us   money can't buy true happiness for me......anyways, this was a great date!  i'm looking forward to spending more time with him   i'll only have sundays available for the next 4weeks due to my class schedule   maybe we can finally get that hike in   it rained on us again, the second planning of a hiking trip   i love to hike even though my knee is going   will just wear my knee brace and take a walking stick   i'll be fine   i still have the grand canyon to hike, backpack and mule besides the whitewater rafting and helicopter flight over the canyon    hurry up retirement   i have MUCH to do and if Russ is still around, it'll be double the pleasure ....well i need to write my summary for week 1 of class   what i learned and what question still remains   then i can take tomorrow evening off from school and start again tuesday........the following is an affirmation    a part of our practices at church are affirmations   i find them good for me and others   so if the affirmations i insert are helpful, good and so be it!

I slow down and take time to smell the roses.  Each day is a joy.  I know I am guided by the wisdom of the universe and that everything is accomplished in its perfect time.  My assignment is to express Life in a loving joy filled way.  I slow down, smell the "roses,"  and enjoy the richness of every day.

the above affirmation is from World Ministry of Prayer who write the affirmations for the Science of Mind magazine...........God bless you all...


lacaza3 said...

Hello there candace recommended I come over... I will add you to my alerts and check you out...Postal carrier...huh..I took the postal test and passed...had a intereview<if you call it a interview> Some dude called me left a message and I called him back three times..He never called back on well..Probably best...Donna In TEXAS

candace636 said...

I'm glad you had a great time. I agree that friendship is an important part of the realtionship.  I really like the affirmation. Do you have a book of them that you read every day?