Friday, September 29, 2006

50 questions from Lori :-)

50 questions

Here's a fun one - a 50 questions survey from Sassy - play along and leave me your link!

1.  First name:  Karen
2.  Middle:  L

3.  Named after:  a friend of my paternal grandmother's

4.  Last cried?  tuesday i think, grieving Richard's transition

5.  Like handwriting?  sometimes

6.  Favorite lunch meat? 
turkey, & turkey pastrami
7.  Kids?  one rottweiler, one bernese mtn dog

8.  Friends with myself?  most the time

9.  A Journal?  absolutely

10.  Use sarcasm alot? 
who me? :)
11.  Still have tonsils? 
12.  Bungee jump?
No way
13.  Fave cereal:  any chocolate cereal and oatmeal

14.  Untie shoes when taking them off?  always

15.  Think you're strong? 
16.  Fave ice cream flavor: 
chocolate, or caramel cone
17.  Shoe size: 
18.  Red or pink:  both

19.  Least fave thing about self: 
20.  Whom miss most: 
21.  Want everyone to send this back? it would be interesting to read your answers. Give me journal link if you have already done it. 
yes, please do!
22.  What color pants & shoes wearing?  golden Lugz shoes & my Levi's

23.  Last thing ate?  enchiladas, tortilla, salad, avacado

24.  Listening to now? nada

25.  If crayon what color: 
Purple - "surprise" lol
26.  Fave smells:  puppies, babies, roses, pine, wood

27.  Last person talked to on phone:  some business

28.  First thing notice about people attracted to:  personality

29.  Like the person who sent this?  of course!

30.  Favorite drink? 
starbucks, heineken, black opal merlot or cabernet sauvignon
31.  Favorite sport?  football & tennis

32.  Hair color?  salt & pepper  33
.  Eye color?  hazel
34.  Contacts?  bifocals

35.  Fave food?  seafood, steak, shrimp fried steak, teriyaki chicken burger

36.  Scary movies or happy ending? 
happy ending
37.  What color shirt wearing? 
38.  Fave dessert?  cheesecake or ice cream

39.  Who will respond? 
not sure - hopefully someone
40.  Least likely? 
haven't a clue
41.  What book reading: 
Teach Only Love-by Gerard G Jampolsky, M.D.
42.  On my mousepad?  nothin

43.  Watched on TV last night?   college football while listening to music & reading

44.  Fave sounds?  
rain falling, seagulls, my dogs howling (or even coyotes)
45.  Rolling Stones or Beatles? 
46.  Furthest been from home?  Germany, Holland, France

I know that 47 had something to do with do I believe in Santa, whichI DO!!!! and 48 went something like, Does Rudolph sit on the roof or in the garden?  On the roof, of course, until he flies off again! I agree!!!
49.  Special talent? 
50.  When & where born?  KY


jmorancoyle said...

Great answers! It's cool getting to know people like this.

sassydee50 said...

Hi there K~You have one of my fav dogs--a Berner! I adore them! To see the dog love of my life see my sidebar. Teddy was part Berner/Collie. I wish they had longer life spans! Regards, Sassy   <<<50 questions answered here

fitzzer said...

Hi Karen - great answers! I love Bernise Mtn dogs too. Forgot all about cheesecake - yummo! Thanks for playing along & have a great wknd. hugs ~ L