Monday, September 4, 2006


   there comes a time when Change is inevitable whether we want it or not   sometimes we want both, no change & change   this legend is all about change   from Rebel to middle-aged parent   they wrote he was a Zen Master or someone called him that    after seeing his farewell speech from yesterday, i'd say Zen is fitting   he is a tribute to our world   an example we could all live by   he's an inspiration to so many including me   to be your own person, doing it your own way and changing as you grow   sumtimes, or often, we become complacent in life, but this guy never did   never giving up right to the end   i'll remember the tribute they gave him tonite, the commentary    my words here fall way short of who Andre Agassi is    if you get a glimpse of him, do take a peek   you might be moved....

i salute you Andre!   may Life continue to treat you well (and your family too)!

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