Sunday, September 3, 2006


my first attempt at fireworks    definitely needs sum work here   o well, it was a shot ....the fireworks were taken at the 'topes baseball game tonite   i didn't take too many pics of them   was a bit worn out and i had a screamin woman in my ear   anyways, we won the ballgame and the summer is coming to a close    one more game tomorrow afternoon and the season ends   frankly i'm lookin forward to the seasons ahead   i've already learned i need to bundle up more because of my shoulders and left arm   tenditis and just plain worn out from carrying that mail on my back for the past 5yrs walkin   fortunately i have Vicky my massage therapist and she worked on my shoulders and arm tonite before the game    then we put Tiger Balm on it   O! sooo much better    it was 64degrees at the ballpark and i had my jacket   lil Savanah took her sweatshirt off while i was a lil cool   i'm aging i suppose   i even have another birthday arriving again   regardless wisdom is better than youth i believe   woodn't go back if i could    but anyways, the seasons change and so do i right along with it   so more bundling, layering in warmth for my shoulders   i can handle the sweat easier than the chill...i think?

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