Saturday, September 9, 2006

they did it again!

...damn it!    the local tv station tape delayed the women's U.S. Open Tennis championship game showing Lobo football again   i remember this from last year   it just plain sucks!   i'm sure there's not enough tennis fans in this part of the country to override their choice......soooo, i put a game on, NOT the Lobos, muted it   turned on the radio and worked on my scrapbook   more enjoyable!!!!    my scrapbook consists of photos i've taken in the past 6yrs that i didn't ever put in a photo album   i also wanted to do something more with the photos than just stick them in an album this time    so i gathered the StAcK of photos and started randomly putting them in the book   no order with these photos    i also found stickers and rub-on sayings that i could include in the scrapbook    so it's a lil more personal and creative   great relaxing in the meantime, i'm staring at the boxes i have yet to unpack from moving in here months ago-YUK!!!!    it's mostly paperwork and i hate paperwork    i'll start manana on it, one box at a time   now when manana arrives, who

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