Saturday, September 2, 2006

kewl weather cont'

this is what our day looked like today   just outside my front door   i included all the pics i took of the peak cloud cover & all    sum are good, others not   ....anyways, it's been a great fall day!    now back to my scrapbook    it's slowly coming along, but i'm enjoying the hell out of it:-)!

...and i decided to spend my money on a massage in lieu of the Lobo game tonite   my shoulders need it badly   i'm feelin' it    Vicky will do it just before the 'Topes baseball game tomorrow nite    those tickets already bought months ago,   no cost except for hot dogs & beer    the highlite will be the final fireworks after the game    we're taking Savanah, Vicky's granddaughter with us   i think she just turned 5....

...and my man Andre didn't play tennis today   the whole day at the U.S. Open was wiped out by rain   Ernesto leftovers were drenching the area     i hope he doesn't play while i'm at church tomorrow   i volunteered to assist with passing out class certificates again   o well, Life goes on!

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