Thursday, September 21, 2006

play in the sunshine

from the SOM magazine:

I play in the sunshine, sliding enthusiastically through my spiritual journey.

SOM=Science of Mind....the September issue has a good article regarding Oprah Winfrey   i like Oprah, but all the years at the p.o. allowed little to no time to watch her   i think i was at the p.o. as long as she's been on tv   anyways, reading sum of her quoted thoughts, i had no idea how spiritually evolved she is   i knew she was doing many good things, but her philosophy has peeked my interest   i'll need to buy The Gospel According to Oprah -by Marcia Z. Nelson, a religion writer   and i think there was another book mentioned as well within the article   i love what Oprah said, "...It's very difficult for me to even see myself as successful because I still see myself as in the process of becoming successful.  To me, 'successful' is getting to the point where you are absolutely comfortable with yourself.  And it does not matter how many things you have acquired."   what a great way to view success   i may adopt this thought for i'm still struggling at times to be totally comfortable with myself    although i've gotten better the past few years, i have reminders along the way that i'm not there yet    to be totally at peace with myself, how humbling   Life will unfold, i will grow, i change like the seasons hopefully becoming a better person....

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