Saturday, September 30, 2006


I hope i spelled Wazzu correctly   it's been soooo long since even thinking it let alone spell it    anyways, tonite i watched the Washington State Cougars vs USC football game   they were playing in Pullman, WA and it was such a site for sore eyes   i remember as if it was yesterday being there   there's no place like home=Washington, the eastern side of the state especially    now that i'm retired, i can go visit more often   and i noticed i haven't told you folks the good news i received a couple weeks ago   my social security disability benefits was APPROVED!!!!!   i was in shock for days, but slowly it is sinking in    this frees me up not having to work and do some schooling   i just figured out my school direction a couple days ago   i will complete the distant learning program in Metaphysics, then decide whether to return to UNM for a photographer's degree or pursuit the Ministry   there are requirements to meet before even thinking of doing the Ministry which are spiritual classes i can take at church   one step at a time, and Spirit as my guide, i will know in time where i'm headed   i'm just becoming comfortable with the spiritual path i'm on again after 3yrs of struggling with one issue or another relating to it   it was mostly confusion and fear and that is gone now   it's as if i turned a page last month sometime  i'm finally understanding A Course in Miracles since struggling with it when i began in March   attending the dialogue of Foundations Class at church, i am recognizing and seeing clearly more our philosophy & principles   i am trusting more my memory which fails me sometimes   i am more grounded within my soul of my journey in Life and what's most important   all we have is the moment of Now....and truly that is how i live!

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jmorancoyle said...

    Congrats on the disability. I remember waiting for Bill's to come through. I never thought it would be approved. We got it after the second try, and that took just under a year all together. He makes less with disability, of course. But once you eliminate things like insurance, gas and clothing for work, you eliminate a good chunk of expenses, and that is a great help. Good luck with your education.