Monday, September 22, 2008

1 down..5 to go

ok i just wanna bitch a little   first it's 10:30pm and i just took my meds for the night   that means i'm up til 1 or 2 in the morn again dammit   and so what is my bitch   work   but 1 nite down, 5 more workin nites to go  it'll go by fast, but i'm not sure fast enough   tonite i worked with another woman   i heard rumor she was not of the workin kind   well she lived up to the rumor for sure   then on top of that, bitchy customers n the store   i realized recently this is like an abusive relationship   this was the final reason for deciding to get the job at church   i mean customers come in with the bitchiest mood and just dump on you   and i gotta stand there and take it?   NO THANK YOU!!!   i swear i get bitchier every time i work there nowadays   and if it's not the customers using foul language quite often, it's my fellow co-workers cursin' up a storm themselves    ok, i didn't even have this at the p.o.   we didnt' allow it   not only did management not allow it, but we co-workers would not allow our peers to get out of hand   we'd hush it out before the person got carried away  i've noticed for a month now how my own attitudes have deteriorated   how i've been cursin more than usual..and i don't curse but once in a blue moon...i also want to drink beer more often myself  smoke more   i'm easily irritated and on and on and so forth   you get the picture   so for my well being, i'm headed to the church   thank goodness!!! enough is enough of abusive customers and fellow co-workers  it's the pits!!!   ok, first thing in the morn i'm goin hikin'  it's been a few weeks and i pray the fresh air cleans out my head from all this drama at the store   they don't pay me enough to stay there and i doubt there'd be enough money to keep me, except maybe a million dollars    so anyways, thank j-land friends for lettin me get this crap off my chest!


midwestvintage said...

 I hear you.   People seem to delight in treating nurses like total crap and we have to be polite and not lose our temper, be a professional at all times.  Politeness to your fellow man seems to have disappeared these days along with manners.  My mother would have washed my mouth out with soap and grounded me for a week if I talked and acted like half the adults I take care.

 Hope the hike clears your head, sound grand, think I'll talk his ole self into a walk this morning.


megnsal011204 said...

I don't know Julie, but agree with her, people have definitely lost their manners, I would have gotten my mouth washed out with soap also.
And soap doen't taste good.


jmorancoyle said...

     Been there, done that. This is why I will no longer work in a convenience store. I do not blame you at all for moving on. It takes a certain type of personality to succeed in that type of atmosphere, and I lose it when the alcohol comes out.