Sunday, September 28, 2008


ok it's sunday nite after work    i worked 2 1/2hrs OT at the store today unexpectedly   first i got there a half hour early just so i could run next door to Ruben's Grill for a burrito before beginning at noon   well Jim my boss called as i was walking in the door   he needed me to run an errand for the store   he told me to go ahead and clock in before doing it and so i did    well as the scheduled day came to a close, one woman walked out the door 5mins before i was to clock out   she was having a very rough day and asked me to stay   seeing her visibly shaken and the fact she filled in for me last weekend when i came home, i stayed another two hours just for her   i'm worried about her   she is the one i enjoy working with despite her foul language all the time   and i shouldn't complain about that for i've had my moments of doing the same   anyways, i'll check on her tomorrow   i hope she is the meantime, this woman gave me some sad news today    just a few days ago an old building down the street from the store, a block away, burned down   i saw it burning that night on my way home from work   well she told me that 5 homeless people died in that fire   we immediately thought about our guys we used to have  we wonder whether they were some of the victims   we have no way of knowing at this point but it seems likely, or so we think   maybe one day we'll know for sure what happened to those 2 homeless guys that used to hang around our store  God bless them, i'm totally exhausted   i'm just finishing my milk and heading to bed   it's been a good day really   i've enjoyed myself today working with my co-worker   it was just longer than i thought it wood be   It's all good   give a little   recieve a little....

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midwestvintage said...

 Working is good for the soul.  Sad about the fire and deaths.