Tuesday, September 23, 2008

fall is officially here...

    alas, fall is here!!!   and boy does it feel good   i'm lovin the fresh cool air right now   i even bought me a flannel shirt at the VA Hospital store   light weight, but i'm ready for my flannels   anyways, this entry is about my appointment today for my cataract   surgery is set for Nov 3rd   is that the day before the election?   hmmm, i wonder   i'll find out soon   i have no clue at the moment when exactly the election date is...anyways, the appointment went well   another female doctor   i don't know if they set it up that way, but it's kewl by me   all my doctors and my therapist are women   i love supporting women in their careers   so, Dr. Bogga (i think this is how she spelled it) told me that i don't have any options but surgery   my percentage of complications increased by 5% due to she really believes this is from the black eye i got when i was a teenager because normally it's both eyes that have cataracts, not just one like mine   and this is the eye the guy hit so many years ago   makes sense to me   she did say i'll need bifocals permanently from here on out   well i sorta knew that already just because i can't read a damn thing without glasses   they'll also fit me for prescriptions for the slight far-sightedness i have too   so i wonder, should i just go back to wearing my glasses all day again as i did delivering mail   time will tell   i do know i like to take a break from wearing glasses all day   so anyways, it's all good   i'm anxious to get this done and over with and nervous about it too   either Marsha or Maggie will be accompanying me for the surgery   we may have to be there as early as 5:30am   i may just volunteer for that time to get it done and over with   besides maybe i can just sleep thru the surgery since it'll be so early in the morn...anyways, that's the latest for me   i'll keep you posted on this when pre-op gets here and the other appointments for it   those will be next month    in the meantime, i'm relaxing with a beer   i see Rev Jennie tomorrow, my friend and mentor, for a practitioners session so i can discuss a few things   then she'll do a prayer treatment for me  i have tons to discuss and if i didn't have to work tomorrow, i'd take all afternoon   but we only have an hour and will squeeze in everything we can...one topic for discussion is Jesse's departure   after yesterday, Sandy thinks he may have a collapsed lung   i told her today that he's going to be busy doing something and make his transition standing or sitting up   she said that would make him happy   i can't blame him there   he keeps goin despite the pain, which i admire   he's got to do this his way and we are honoring that   God bless him   he's a pretty wonderful character!


midwestvintage said...

 I love fall, just not to happy about what comes next, LOL.   I was told I have the start of a cataract.  Bummer.   Good luck getting yours fixed.  I was told by my mother in law that all the colors looked prettier after all.


rjsisti said...

I miss fall...........living in Florida, I miss it more!  I would love to move back to New England where I was born and raised if it were financially possible.

Loved your picture of the foliage.  You mentioned flannel........I forgot what flannel feels like........I miss that too.  LOL

Hugs, Rose

jmorancoyle said...

    November 4th is election day. If you're concerned about missing it, vote early. That's a gorgeous photo. I think fall is my favorite month. So many beautiful colors. Good luck with the surgery. You're in my prayers.