Tuesday, September 2, 2008

husky puppy

    Husky Puppy 1223 by Sooper-Husky

ok, i love this photo from deviantArt   but if i see anymore photos like this, i'll have to go get me a puppy....lol

anyways, it's tuesday morn   Thank Goodness!!!   yesterday was a learning day @ work   first i found out that i made time & a half for working the holiday   that was good news   good for the pocket book....then my co-worker proceeded to tell me about an incident at work between her and the graveyard crew   so i'm standing there listening to this   she went over it a few times to say the least   her and another woman almost got into a physical altercation   the other woman seemed to try and provoke her into a fight    the bottom line was the graveyard crew has been trying to push their duties onto her    this is the young woman that doesn't work much   well i also learned about the graveyard crew as well   they don't work much either   i've worked the morning shift, the evening shift   there's only about 2 of us that actually really works (and we're both ex govt employees)   the others want to stand around and chat with their friends, or each other   talk on the phone   text messages   take as many cigarette breaks as possible  and whatever else so as not to be working   so i'm listening to my co-worker and i almost crack up laughin   it hits me this genre of workers really don't work   they don't even want to earn the money they do get and it isn't bad money   i make $8 an hour there   so i'm assuming they do too  they work 40hrs a week   it's not great money, but you can live on it    so i was enlightened about the working class and the "other" working class of people   these people have no ambition  no drive   no desire for improving their lives   or so it appears to me   i always thought that those who made less than, just didn't get a good break in life   now i know otherwise   maybe i'm being judgmental but i think i've discern here pretty fairly   i mean this job doesn't even take elbow grease to do it   granted i know not all people working for less are as these people i work with   there are those who are doin these jobs until the next step comes along   just like my burger joint got me started until i went into the military    forgive me, i just hadn't realized that there are a class of people who have no ambition   well maybe i have, just haven't seen it in a long time   actually don't think i've seen since i left the nest having family members in the same boat at that time   anyways, it's all good  it's all God   each must live their life on their own terms   this job has given me an opportunity to see myself in a different light   this one and the last job at the mall   people watchin' is a great way to learn about one self too   i am not in judgment really of anyone  i am not better than anyone, but i've learned about my differences that set me apart   that includes people at church as well   the last few years i've needed to learn about myself again since the illness   sometimes i haven't understood other people and it was really i needed to understand myself   it isn't that others are doin or not doin, it's just i have a different perspective on life at times and believe differently as well   that's what i meant by what sets me apart   and i'm not really separate from them   I am One with everyone   we are all just in different places in our journey in life for as many reasons as there are people   anyways, it was a good enlightening day at work   i also realized that the "politics" at church are no different than the "politics" at work   so the question is WHERE do i want to deal with the politics   i'll take church for sure   i stay centered better there and can let it flow from me much more easily..i think   here's hopin Ellen calls me today..it's a beautiful day  i'll be doin errands, working at Jen's office and taking a hike today   would LOVE to take a motorcycle ride, but too many things to do...enjoy the moment   yesterday is gone, tomorrow isn't here...there is only NOW!!


sunnyside46 said...

no day but today

ksquester said...

So many of our youth lacks a work ethic.  What does this say for our future?  Anne