Sunday, September 7, 2008

winning tickets

   so, my Bears won tonite    i came home to the news after work   i usually don't work sundays, but i did tonite   this news made me happy today   i wasn't too happy at work today   i walked in there discovering i was working with the same woman i did yesterday...UGH...she was a little better today   learned she's only been employed one week with no register experience   my boss shut down the powerball machine so it was out-of-order while she was on shift   but i still got frustrated a bit with her   she messed up the register a few more times and the customers' orders   but thankfully it was a much slower day   i was able to get some of the other duties done today   but i still had to hang out closely to the register   just not what i wanted to do today   i was hopin Krissy was back, the woman who was supposed to be there yesterday   learned she's in Farmington, NM, 4hrs away from here and gone a week i suppose..i'm thinkin IF she comes back   i think that's where home is for her....anyways, i've learned already, 3 days in a row are too much for me   will call the boss tomorrow and ask him to split them up a little more   2 days on, 2 days off, 2days on  or something like that   anyways, i'm fine   now having that beer tonite   chose the milk last nite, but after today, beer is good    i even had a cigarette at work today, but that wasn't much help   i had won $11 on the lottery from my tickets yesterday  spent it on cigarettes  i initially wanted to try the American Spirit   so i did and they were too strong, but of course i didn't buy the ultra lights   so i gave that pack away and bought my usual ultra lights   a pack will last me 6months or more usually   i was almost out anyways   right now the beer is just perfect   now i'll sleep well tonite  ...and that's where i'm headed.

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