Saturday, September 6, 2008 wine?

  so, like it's saturday nite   i'm finally home work   it was one heck of a day, especially this afternoon    so these past couple weekends my boss has me in @ 10or11am working til 7 or 8pm   so i work with the mornin person and the afternoon person   well for the second weekend in a row and second day in a row, the afternoon person doesn't show up   my boss strolls in about 2 this afternoon i'm like wondering why the hell is he here   well again the afternoon person called in   so while he's busy elsewhere i'm holdin down the fort, but occasionally he does come help with the long lines   well there was another manager in the store purchasing things and offered us one of his employees for the rest of the shift  she came over really quickly   kewl i'm thinking some relief   well i soon learned that although she's been working for our company for 3weeks, she doesn't know how to use the register nor the powerball machine  O God, chapter 13   it was not a good scene for the customers and for some reason we were unusually busy today   normally our saturdays are slow, but not today   they came out of the woodworks   she seriously fumbled often with even one or two customers walking out on her in the middle of a transaction   and i was taking care of 6 customers to her 1   and i didn't know that the boss was still around   he had gone back in his office and closed the door   i couldn't leave her alone behind the counter   she was still strugglin' hours later when i got off the shift   after awhile after stressin it out for hours, i started to crack up laughing   what else was i to do   i'm still laughin   one regular customer came in and i punched in a birthday for her before she gave me her id   she's in her 60s or 70s   anyways, as she was givin me her id, she was tellin me her birthdate   i told her i punched her in younger, but i could do it all over if she wanted   we both started crackin up laughin   i was rollin into tears by that time  tears of laughter   that was the second best thing of the day    the best was an ol' friend of mine i haven't seen in like many years came into the store   she was my realtor when i lived up in the mountains over 7yrs ago    i haven't seen her since   it was great to chat for a moment and get her number    she's moved back into town right now and divorcing her husband   that's all i got in 5mins with her while waiting on her    so we'll have to go to coffee soon   she looks great   happy she's still around (and i mean that literally)    anyways, now i sit chillin debating on my choice of drink for the night   my usual is milk, but i may have to have that alcohol tonite   this afternoon was really really really hectic, but i have a smile on my face:-)!

p.s.  God bless that woman that came to help me today   she did her best!

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ksquester said...

Sometimes when you don't know what to do and you are ready to pull your hair out or somebody elses's just best to laugh.  You had a great attitude. That poor girl.  I think I would have walked out.  More power to you!  Anne