Tuesday, September 9, 2008

just around the corner

   tuesday evening   the sun is setting after a bit of rain   it's cooler nowadays at nite at least here by the mountains   i've got the sniffles   i just took a shot of J.D.   hopefully with the little bit of whiskey a day i can hold off getting the cold full blown    it's been a lazy day again   i woke about 10:30am but that was because i didn't get to sleep til 3am   don't know why i'm not sleepin lately, but i'd like to get back on track with that   anyways i called Jesse for brunch   he happened to be down the street   so i met him at Chili's for lunch   it was a great visit   i love listening to his stories   i swear he's done it all or at least in the Jack of all trades business   he cooks, is a handyman and rebuild auto machines   he's always keepin himself busy with some kind of project, but he could have easily fallen asleep at lunch today   he has a sense of humor about his impending death bed  "it is what it is" he says   but today he at least ate a full plate of food   i had heard he hadn't been eatin much   so anyways, as i said, it was a good visit   i invited him to dinner sunday nite provided no other friends have plans for me   for my birthday i treat myself to Red Lobster   that's the only time i go and the taste of the food remains delicious   so we'll see if we make it this sunday   if not, maybe monday after my doctor's appointment (just a regular check up for a annual physical exam)   anyways, i'm just lounging right now trying to rest so this "cold" won't get any worse   i work tomorrow, but i'll at least be working with someone that works and i don't have to do all of it myself   so until something exciting happens soon  i'll be seeing ya...hugz

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ksquester said...

Feel better my friend and RED LOBSTER is gooooooooooood!!!!!!   HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!    ANNE