Sunday, May 1, 2005

Cloudy day

listening to some old fashion church music on BIG I 107.9    it's on every sunday morn and i haven't heard this song in a very loooong time    although a religious science person now, i still enjoy some good old fashion church music   it's still in my spirit since childhood and some of the messages still ring true   even at our church we'll sing some of those songs on occasion   one thing Rev Patrick had asked us in our foundations class was not to denounce other churches or religions, for if not for them we wouldn't be where we are today   i agree whole heartedly and had already decided that years ago when i first explored metaphysics   there is good in all religions and beliefs and we are all headed to the same place, Oneness with God  here and now and the hereafter, Heaven!...........anyways, this note was to get me rolling on some positive thinking today and move my mind from the forementioned paper (person in paper really)    i remembered i had forgotten to tell you i got my new dishes the other day   they arrived rather quickly   ordered from the National Wildlife Federation, they are wolves!   on each and every item   and i didn't get those tea cups but rather true coffee mugs :-)   i'm soooo happy!   i have wolves as the theme to my living room and soon will be adding a touch of other wildlife too   it is a set of 4 and will order another set in the future to replace the remainder of the odd pieces of dishes i have    anyways,  life is pretty good!   and yesterday i went to get a big mac and came home to re-discover the growth my cacti have been doing this year    i planted them last year, near the fall i believe, and they are sprouting immensely   my front yard is xeriscaped with rocks and i wanted to get a desert look out there   rock xeriscaping is the norm down here   a combo of too much soon on the grass and just not wanting to do yard work   mine was already in place when i bought this house 4 1/2yrs ago   i got my cacti free from a customer who had done their front yard   i asked where did you get the cacti and they replied from dad's ranch  so Theresa did some clippings for me   there are some benefits from having your own postal route besides great customers   anyhow,  i'm sitting here chillin as i like to do sunday morns with a cup of my starbucks coffee  if i get motivated, i'm taking my dogs for their 'walk'   they run, i walk   it's been awhile and they need it   i have tons to do today-ugh!   need to do my portion of the team paper for class, do homework for my church class, clean house, clean yard, and do laundry as a minimum today   not enough time in a day   i do really want to take the kids for their run   it's cloudy out right now and i'm sure rather cool    i'll chill for a little while longer and then get started with my day    first i'll start off with the affirmation of the day, needing it for myself

On Spiritual Inspiration    I know that Universal Intelligence is ever available to me.  I surrender to new possibilities and open to the "still small voice within" for my inspiration.  Spirit knows all, and I am one with the all-knowing Spirit that resides within me.  I truly am spiritually inspired.


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jmorancoyle said...

About other religions and all of going to the same place - AMEN! Not enough people believe that. I do.