Thursday, November 17, 2005

all quiet on the home front...

it is all quiet on the home front   very peaceful and so am i   it's been nice to have quiet time since kyle's been gone  just me and my dogs who lay cuddled around me    this is how i like it   this is what spoils me   gives me time to reflect   enjoy the moment of stillness   no music  no tv   just the warmth of the sun shining in thru the window   i count my blessings in these moments  life's precious gifts    and recently i also changed my course of study for my bachelor's degree    in the midst of my blues a couple weeks ago, my inner voice spoke to me and suggested metaphysics    after a week contemplating it and talking with my therapist, i've definitely decided to study metaphysics    it will be a great healing tool as well as good for my  personal growth   i can become a spiritual counselor or minister eventually which i'd like    studying metaphysics will also give me more tools to deal with my blues    i need them    although i accept my blues more as time goes by, i have yet to totally embrace it   i'm workin on it, but it is difficult   i know the time will come i'll be in full acceptance and the sooner, the better   it's just part of the process i'm going thru   quiet moments like these will give me the time to fully embrace the blues....Life is truly Good!


lacaza3 said...

you will make a good counselor
donna in texas

delela1 said...

Moments like that are priceless.  Keep those thoughts near you.  An excellent direction to take and I'm certain you will accomplish great things on this path.  :)