Sunday, November 20, 2005

dawn of a new day...

this morn i sit reading Marianne Williamson's Everyday Grace    i've been reading it tidbits at a time, yet this morn it truly spoke to me    'God willing' is a phrase her mother used often in her childhood, humbling one to God's will    i like that    although we create our lives, i've been forgetting that God has a hand in it as well    lately i've been struggling on how does one keep to affirmative thoughts when there seems to be so many thoughts to the contrary   like my house selling for one    only recently did i get truly perturbed with my realtor, yet yesterday morn i woke to that inner voice requesting i stay home and clean     and sure enough, my realtor finally came thru and is listing the house today    in addition all the final touches are in place    i am reminded to keep faith, yet this is tested as well   i realized only recently that it's been a loooong time since having God back in my life and now is the time to rebuild my faith    in so doing, i'm getting a tattoo that says Faith with a tribal band around my wrist    therefore i can always be reminded to trust in God    i know this house will sell   quickly i hope   yet i have my fears regarding it as well    senseless fears    why do i even allow them to be in my thoughts?

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delela1 said...

One of the best ways I found to affirm positive thoughts was through the written word.  Privately, in a journal.  On index cards, in color, placed where I could see them, everyday.  It helped me immensely.

Getting Faith as a tat, great way to remind yourself.