Saturday, November 5, 2005

one saturday eve

kyle just dropped in for a moment    he's been gone since yesterday doing army guard duty weekend   i'll see him tomorrow nite   he briefly mentioned finding an apartment but they won't allow pets   i love my son    he does try really hard   i've been afraid lately he hasn't grasped his responisibilities in life so i had a little chat with him the other day   at least i talk with him and not yell & scream at him as other family members would do    he's a good kid and is doing his damnest to get work so he can take care of himself    it's just hard on me a bit    i'm not accustomed to having a son to take care of   especially a hungry son    well i spent my last penny on groceries today   think it'll last us a couple weeks   if not we'll be back to p & j     i'm going to miss kyle when he's gone   i didn't think i would ever have such a relationship with one of my nephews    he'll be in town and i'm sure we'll hang together from time to time-unless he goes active duty    we'll see what life has in store for him   last nite while he was home for a moment, he informed me that the guard denied his request to join his unit in iraq, HOWEVER, they're going to see if they can send him anyway along with another unit    i have my ideas as to why he desires to go, but won't ask him until he's gone and come back    i'm proud of him regardless   he's going to make it in this world despite some difficulty in his childhood    must let him know that soon too   he's a good kid to be a mother for    i look forward to the day he can be on active duty, not so much for me, but really for him for he Loves the military and it suits him well    i gained a lot by being in the Air Force at his age   once he's active, i'll try to convince him to stay for 20yrs or more   wish i had myself   it can be a great career, my heart was into going to school   i'm still workin on that, but that's ok too    Life always deals us cards we're not expecting the meantime, i'm finishing up tidying things around here this weekend   we're listing the house monday i believe   i'm anxioius to sell and move closer to the mtns   just wish it was summer   it'd be warmer to move in    and i hope my new place has a wood stove of sorts or fireplace   i love a fire in the winters!   not only its warmth but its atmosphere it creates    my romance for the

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