Friday, November 25, 2005


well today i became restless    granted i need a vacation, but quite frankly i'm a little bored    i began the day feeling mucho stress but finally walked that off at work    i didn't finish my day til 7:30pm tonite along with some of my co-workers who worked 12hrs today    i don't feel tired   not hungry and all i've had to eat today is a pb&j sandwich with some cookies    i have chicken to fix tonite, but it's too late to be cookin   so i'm having a glass of chocolate milk   don't know why i'm round up, but i am    it's time for a movie or some shopping or something other than work, home and class   just a feelin of bored with life at the moment   anyone else get that way?    it's been awhile since i've felt that and if i'm bored now while working, what will happen when i do get to retire?    sometimes i think about withdrawing my retirement package but i donn't think that's a good idea    i'm anxious to do something new   what that will be has yet to be revealed to me    like M said the other nite at dinner, so much of my identity is wrapped up in the p.o. and my customers   i'm beginning to feel some of the transition, but jiminy cricket    i must be feeling pretty damn good because this restlessness is my natural drive in life   time to set some more goals and go after them   i'll contemplate on it tonite and see what i come up with   i've been driven for sooo long in life that i don't know what to do with myself when idling as i have somewhat this year while figuring out my blues and its affects on me    anyways, I'M BORED!!!!!

(yes i am headed into spiritual counseling or ministry, but that's down the road when i retire    need some excitement now!~)

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