Monday, November 7, 2005

warm before cold?

it was 70 degrees today, or so that's what the weather forecast predicted    it was really nice, However, some of customers told me that come Wednesday the cold front will be here   guess i'll need my leggins after all soon   and everyone around here has the sniffles, including me    i just hope it doesn't turn into a full blown bug    must find my vitamin C  soon    ...anyways, my son made it home today    as usual he hadn't eaten all day, so i whipped up some chili for him    this time i added tomatoes which he hates, but i wanted them along with the green chilis   that mixed with jalapenos makes for a nice hot chilli anyways, kyle begins to tell me about his weekend and then some    i've come to realize he tells me everything but the details of his sex life   some of this stuff i'd rather not know, but i'd rather he be able to communicate with me about anything, than not communicate at all    i think i'm the first adult relative that he's able to share his life with   remember he's a young man and they sure can talk a lot of    blowin smoke left and right   but it doesn't bother me   i know he needs to experience his life as he sees fit    i remember when i was his age, in the military, and doing whatever i desired-i just didn't blow smoke like he does   i was tooo green...anyways, these are the times and as long as he knows my door is always open to listen, that's all that matters    all is good between us....anyways, the day is over    i'm chillin in front of the football game    a busy day lies ahead of me tomorrow   more cleaning and tidying up finally....o yeah, did i tell you, kyle sent one of his soldier buddies to wake me this morning at 4:30am to find his tie and belt    all i could think of was this is what parents go thru?    and do all children tell everything to their parents?


candace636 said...

I didn't tell my parents anything about anything!!

stupidsheetguy said...

He'll long remember how good it felt to have a confidant in you. Let that thought help keep you warm along with the leggins, lol.