Sunday, August 31, 2008


  ok, i keep forgettin' it's Labor Day tomorrow   here's hopin all of you have a great holiday...i work 2pm-10pm, but i'd sure like to pull out the grill and cook   running across this sign i realized i haven't pulled out my grill all summer   holy cow!!!!    well i'm going to have to make up for that soon   if not next sunday, then on my birthday    ....anyways, i'm sittin here sunday nite waitin' on Jorje to put Roury (22months) to bed   then we'll continue chattin'   her husband Mark just got activated to ship out tomorrow to Louisiana   she's hopin' his eyes will get opened and learn to appreciate what he has at home   let's hope Gustav doesn't do too much damage  and i just read 1.9million people have been evacuated from the Gulf coastal lines   also say a prayer for Marti & her family and friends @ Porch Stories will be safe in Mobile, AL   as i read, Gustav will hit in the morn, Labor Day    say a prayer for everyone in that region   and Indigo @ Raven's Lament, wrote that there's an Animal Rescue team already on the scene for the pet rescues   sounds like America is far better prepared this time than Katrina   until tomorrow....

now, the $5....i contacted Comcast to inquire on the Sports Package they have...i'm wondering if i could hook into the Chicago Bears more often this season....anyways, it's only going to cost me $5 more a i need more sport options   must be n a mood for it right now....US Open Tennis is playin now...time to watch! 


jmorancoyle said...

    It's amazing the difference on disaster makes towards preparedness. Thank God. I don't think this country can deal with one more inept response.
P.S.: We've barely done any grilling this year either. Tomorrow, I have ribs.

sunnyside46 said...

hey darlin so glad you thought of me
we are fine just a lot of wind and rain
. we still had some ribs and beans & potato salad
you are so sweet to think of us.
we cooked al the meat in the freezer
it was a good excuse for a party!