Monday, February 13, 2006

1st day canvassing

well, it was my first day canvassing   i guess i work for NMPIRG=New Mexico Public Interest Research Group which works for other clubs including environmental and i think human rights issues    anyways, we were canvassing for Solar Energy   our state has the second best potential for being a leader in solar power...interesting...interesting day too    i was a little discouraged by the end of the day, but not defeated    it was an observation day so no expectations, however, i would have liked to brought in more than a dollar today for contributions   another canvasser said there may be days like today   and we were working on the UNM canvas with students who had no money    hopefully tomorrow will be better    i will try this and if it doesn't work out, it doesn't work out    i also remembered this evening on the way home that if i apply for social security disability, which i am, i can't be working at all for the first 6months    yet after a few hours to relax, it actually was a good day   to be petitioning for membership for a worthy campaign was worth it     this will be a good job for me for something to fill time, make a little money when not worried about any money     met some great people, most of them young people with much passion, enthusiasm, and energy to do this work...the plus for today, was checkin' out all those cutie pie young men-a girl can look can't she!

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