Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Brokeback Mtn...and protesters

just got out of the movie, 'Brokeback Mountain'    damn good movie   if you want to see a good movie, then see this    if you'd like to know a little what some struggles in a gay life, see this movie   it reminded me of me and my struggles with being gay, then bisexual, then whatever the hell i would eventually determine i am (bisexual)   it's taken me a long time, very long time, to embrace my sexuality but i'm happy i finally did    anyways, this was a damn good movie with real raw emotions of life.....then i come home to aol news to find anti-gay protesters in the news   these protesters are showing up at soldiers' funerals protesting    what the hell does any soldier have to do with anti-gay protesters   these protesters are out of line as far as i'm concerned   do these protesters recognize that our soldiers do not only fight for everyone's freedom in the USA, but also the freedom of these protesters to free speech    we are a 'toleratant' country, but protesters and people as these test my tolerance for sure   they sure know how to ignite my anger with their warped mentality    this is ignorance at its worse   when will people learn....God Bless our soldiers and all they do for our country!   may these protesters' minds Open, may they learn what humanity is truely about    there is a human in each one of us including gays, bisexuals, transgenders, heterosexuals, confused and otherwise    there is Life within each of us!


stupidsheetguy said...

In addition to the shortsightedness of so many people, I think how weird it is that we have the luxury of protesting a damned movie. Maybe we need to give some people a little more to do.

I think people should have better things to do than try and dictate the terms' of others' lives.


ksquester said...

You got that one right!!!  Don't these people have a life?   Anne

kkasey47 said...

I agree with you completely.........Kasey

prewrapp22 said...

omg i need to get out more lol princessballa32