Saturday, February 11, 2006

old town

this morn, Cindy called me    she was ready for shopping, i was just getting up    but she gave me sometime and we were off to the city    i thought we were headed for the mall, but no Cindy had downtown Central and Old Town in mind    we first stopped at an antiques shop  O God!    we found some great furniture and i especially found this old roll top desk in great condition   only a couple weeks ago, i decided to get me a rolltop desk and then to find this beauty-O my!   it's tempting   it has great depth compared to the newer models    of course for a new model i'd be paying $800   the antique is $2300 but it'd be worth it    let's see how soon my retirement funds come in as well as my patient in having my new desk    it'd probably be wiser to get a 'new' rolltop financially speaking, however that antique has really caught my eye.....

after the antique shop we stopped in at a Body & Bath Boutique   it was quaint and i found a pair of earrings very inexpensive ...which reminds me, must put them in....then we moved on to Old Town     i love Old Town, but rarely visit for it always has such great things to buy and today was included    one shop, Some i believe, had beautiful jewelry and paintings i fell in love with    the artist, Atkinson, is simply awesome   his paintings ran between $7800-9800 a piece   but they are worth it   another endeavor one day when i win the lottery (i did buy my tickets for tonite's lottery)    then we move on to another shop which i didn't want to go into    it has the Painted Ponies i've been wanting to get (Kris, former p.o. customer, has got me hooked on them)   but also in this shop i found these beautiful knives    i collect knives a tidbit    these are just gorgeous with a carved handle, running from $550 and up in price    these i can get once my retirement money arrives    anyways, we kept shopping at Old Town and more beautiful clothing, jewelry, and other things to buy    Old Town is small compared to other cities, but it has some of the great artistic works     i picked up one card and noted to return for some pillows i fell in love with and would go great with my living room furniture     this place had some beautiful attire as well

anyways, we topped the day off with some chips & salsa at our favorite place to eat, Los Cuates    they have the best salsa, hot, but delicious   Cindy ordered a guacamole dish as well with sopapillas as our desert, add a little honey     soon as i get my income tax return, we're headed back for dinner    hmmm, hmmm......good!  

well once home, i laid down and took a nap (forgot my whiskey, so just took a shot...and yes it does work for a cold)   i woke to Kyle coming in from his Army day    his good news:   he's headed to Hawaii    guess who's going to Hawaii asap once he arrives     he leaves March 9 where he'll sign in at Ft Leaonardwood i believe first    i'm going to miss him, but will keep in touch with him often    i know both of us have attached ourselves to each other    he's lots of fun, he just needs some discipline and structure right now to get on his feet    going into the Army will be sooo good for him   i'm excited for him   i actually hope he makes it a career, but that's his decision....right now he's crashed out in my bed and i may have to sleep on the couch     that'll be ok, he's been sleeping on the couch since i moved in      he was awefully luvy dubby yesterday, Jimmy my dog too     must have been a day.....anyways, that's all the great news for now      monday i start at the Sierra Club, didn't work out for this week    so i'm looking forward to the challenge and experience    will keep you posted.....until i cya.....

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stupidsheetguy said...

Sounds like you had a nice day. So tempting and hard to resist when you find something that you really like.

Good luck with the Sierra Club. Keep us posted!