Saturday, February 25, 2006

great hike!

what a day!   i found a trailhead   not the one i was looking for, but a great trail    i hiked 2hrs in    1:45 non-stop before i needed a breath    my lungs were burning so i knew i was getting in good cardio   it was all an incline the whole way up   someplaces i couldn't tell where the trail existed due to the boulders  and mountainside i was climbing   haven't had such an adventure hiking in a very long time    after a 20min lunch i continued the hike another 15mins to the next trailhead    met some hikers who were doing a loop from the trail i've been searching   they showed me the map and gave me a good indication as to where it's located   the loop will be about 4-5hrs to do   it's pretty rugged and i wonder if Jimmy can make it   however, there were plenty of hikers with their dogs on this trail today, so i'm definitely giving it a shot on monday with Jimmy   i was damn pleased with myself realizing i'm not as out of shape as first thought   i think with Jimmy i'm going at a faster pace   will test that theory this next week as i take him along on this trail    this will be a regular hike for me and great workout   i'll do it at least 3times per week, up to 5times per week     today's hike felt like one days walking delivering mail   it's harder on my bad knee, but i'll endure the pain   i love hiking too much to stop at this time in my life   and besides i just got a refill on Naproxen for my knee pain, that will help was a beautiful hike   wish i had my camera today   i got high enough to overlook the city as well as in another direction a small town just outside abq    now i just need to condition myself with these trails, then take off on other trails    this trail today was an adventure   on the way down i was even sliding on my ass at one point while wondering how the hell did i get up it    will take my hiking stick next time for the descent    must figure out a way to strengthen both knees too   they both hurt on the way down at times     anyways i had a great day    i also came home to an empty house again   kyle had departed before i left   he arrived home today just as i was leaving    couldn't have had a better day other than my state tax return showing up   that would have been the icing on the cake!   

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stupidsheetguy said...

LOL that was a pretty darned full day, with a whole lot of adventure! You got a lot done in 24 hours. So I guess the tax return didn't ruin the day.

But I hope you do get the cake icing, nonetheless! Check that mailbox!