Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Team USA...and 501 blues

Team USA women's hockey    Excitiing!     today was the first day i watched any of the Olympics  i heard this team was doing well, but this afternoon as i turned the tv on, they were playing    they were down 3-1 to Finland only to come back and win 7-3   i forgot how exciting hockey is   and i love women sports   it's always exciting to support all our women athletes   anyways, it's been years, maybe a couple decades since i watched any hockey    i had forgotten how exciting it is to watch   when i lived in Spokane, WA i watched it often, but once i left there it slipped away from me    so, if you get a chance to watch the USA Women's Hockey team on friday this week, please due    they play very well together   their in the semifinals this friday   win, they go to play for Gold, lose they'll play for Bronze    and now that i've begun watching the Olympics, i have to turn into some more of it    i've always loved the Olympics, but since the beginning of my illness i sorta dropped out from them   time to return   i'm an ex-athlete myself and love sports   the Olympics top everything off   it's a once in a lifetime event for most these athletes   all the hard work they put in just to represent their countries....

well this morn, i finally saw the movie "Made in America" with Whoopi Goldberg  and Ted Danson   sweet movie   I love Whoopi   between her and Ellen DeGeneres, i don't know which one is funnier    their both my all time favorites...after the movie, kyle and i went to Social Security and the mall   the disappointing news is that i'm not able to work any while applying for social security disability     so i'm a tad bummed about not being able to do the Sierra Club    but i'll go back as soon as i'm free to work a little    in the meantime, i'll check into volunteering at the Animal Humane Assoc   i'll take a few days before doing that and spend some time with my Jimmy Boy    i'm setting into motion a daily hike for Jimmy and me    first thing after breakfast we're hitting the trail....after the disability news, we headed to the mall    it actually lifted my spirits a bit    i found some Levi 501s i fell in love with    i've been recently thinking of returning to 501 in lieu of the 550s i've been wearing for quite awhile now    once i tried them on i was wondering why i ever switched    i didn't buy any today, but will do so once my tax return arrives    anyways,  my day is getting better   Life is still Good!

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