Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Happy Valentine's Day

a day, but a heart filled wish that everyone had a great Valentine's     i sorta skip this special day for many years now i haven't had a Valentine's    the first year i didn't have a Valentine, i was a little sad, but then i figured i'd celebrate all those who had their special love    it's a great reminder to remember our loved ones and friends on this special day   but to also remember them often throughout the year too   i spent the evening with Cindy   we decided to do a movie for the evening as well as a lite dinner    we saw 'Rumor Has It'   it was cute and both wish she had gone with the 'other' man   but it was a lot of fun and laughter for the evening   Shirley Maclaine was hilarious in this movie....anyways, hope all had a great day    if anyone still needs a Valentine, i'll be yours...

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