Thursday, February 9, 2006

new puter time

hey everyone....well my notebook is still not working   i picked it up this morn and i'll see if i can get it running    in the meantime i've already shopped for a new notebook at     once i receive my income tax return, i'm shopping...unless some miracle happens with this, i'll be dropping in at the library here and make notes from time to time....i start working at the Sierra Club come monday   just couldn't get started this week for some reason or another ...   kyle and i are still waiting on the general's written signature releasing him from the Army Guard so he can go active    he's been verbally approved, but the recruiters can't do anything until that signed paper comes across their desks.....retirement is great!   the pressure is off now   no more having to work    i'm so much more peaceful and happy     Life is Good...

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lacaza3 said...

do you miss anybody that was on your route
donna In TEXAS