Thursday, August 4, 2005

another shadow

really didn't have an exciting day    i had a route inspector with me all day   he was a nice guy   i'm curious though after today if they will adjust my route   i'd actually be surprised if they did   we'll see   i've never liked the route counts especially figuring out what they really do with all those counts...Nothing...but at least we didn't have a full route count which consists of counting mail for all 6days of the week   nowadays i feel for the most part they're a waste of my time   but i deal with them and treat the inspectors respectively    but they can be a pain in the rear as well sometimes    o well life goes on   i manage to live thru them all for 19yrs now   soon to be over i hope....anyways, Kyle has "Torque" on  it's definitely a male movie   o well, i'll find another movie laterz   besides he rented 'Cyborg' too which Jean-Claude Van Damme was appealing   ....tonite i'll finish washing my dogs then i won't have the creepy crawlies all over me with ticks   the shampoo is working well on the other 2 already bathed...2 more days and i'm off   looking forward to my sunday off   interesting i should receive some mail from church today   it'll be good to see some people there this sunday since it's been a couple months since i've been   at least now i have a clear picture of my spiritual journey is good, but i haven't won the lottery

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ksquester said...

First you have to buy that lottery ticket....I never remember to buy one. AND it only takes ONE to win.  Hope your area gets some heat relief soon.   Anne