Tuesday, August 30, 2005

you're right jimmy

since opening a door to kyle freeing him to talk to me, he has opened up a lot    you were right jimmy   i did more than i had realized   but i'm happy he has a place to unload...i also learned, or relearned, a little more of the hypocrits some of my family are    i want a divorce from them dammit....anyways, i'm beginning to see some similarities between my nephew and me   some things, or people, like my family have never changed   not even since i left 25+ yrs ago   o well,  Happy i'm in New Mexico and they're back in the midwest   God bless them all anyways   maybe one day they'll learn...then again, maybe not......

everyone in j-land have a great Labor Day weekend....cya soon!

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candace636 said...

Happy Labor Day back atcha.