Monday, August 15, 2005


i sit eating my ice cream chocolate sundae with sticky chocolate fingers  my nephew has headed to a friends then a late nite movie, Unleashed   Jasmine lays at my feet and i think my other kids are finally accustomed to her enough that we can leave them all alone together   tomorrow i am definitely off from work and a particular trail calls my name   i'll be doing 1 errand, then off to the trail which i anticipate a 6hr hike  at least 3hrs up, then a similar time down   i'm starting from this side of the mountain and hiking to the top or as close as i can get   it's a trail i haven't completed, but there are quite a few i have completely done   i'm going prepared for change in the weather for it's still been raining here   unless it's cats & dogs, i'm hiking to the top   my house is a mess, but it can wait another 24hrs   if only my nephew had cleaned up a bit as he stated  but since i can't be a perfectionist with cleaniless here due to my dogs, a few more hours of a mess isn't going to hurt   i'm anxious as a little kid   tomorrow is too far ahead   i ache to be in the mountains...

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