Wednesday, August 24, 2005


i'm a bit in knots this morn   not too bad, but least i woke to the fact that my Jimmy ate all his food last nite   he's been randomly eating and sparsely at that since Sadie's been gone   hopefully he's over his grieving period   they were together for 5yrs, the total time i've had them both   anyways, i'm happy he's doing better

as for me, i'm stumped    my nephew is eating and drinking me out of house & home   i think i've plenty of food only to wake up yesterday morn to all of it gone except chicken   he said he "didn't eat much" and initially he didn't   but nowadays it's like there's no    new plan on how to keep food & money available so i don't go hungry

now,  my neighbor is bugging me   i've come to learn what he thinks our relationship is and know it is NOT    he apparently thinks i'm his bank or something   every payday he comes wanting to borrow money   he literally expects me to give him some money all the time now   how this came to be i don't know   granted i had do some small projects for me and paid him   i also loaned him a 20 a couple times, BUT i never intended for him to believe as he does    he believes this because this is who he is    it's my impression he doesn't deal with life very well   he also drinks too much and i don't know how often he does his drugs   anyways, i've talked to him twice already about the money situation informing him i am Not his bank only for him to show up at my door last nite stating something about money this weekend (another payday for me)   he just doesn't get it   so my only option at the moment is to continually say NO to him until he gets it , if he ever does   all this for being neighborly  NO THANK YOU!   my nephew wants to put his foot up his a$$   i may let him one day   i've come to learn tho that there are people who for whatever reason(s) just go 'bad' in life no matter what kind of background they have   it doesn't mean they've necessarily had a bad childhood for i have seen his parents home and they are well off, not rich but well to do...anyways, i will be working on changing this relationship   it'll take awhile   it may take me moving out of here within the next 2 yrs which i still have in mind to move to my mountains or closer to them   i've been thinking about that a lot lately...anyways,  in time something will change

now for today, i'm having coffee for breakfast and some toast curled up with Potter again   then it's my nephew's job interview and coffee with Rev Jennie   finally i will tackle the house as well....


jmorancoyle said...

    Teenager thing - boys and girls, they are bottomless pits when it comes to hunger. Most of the time, they're are eating and aren't even hungry. About your neighbor? Good luck. Those kind are like leaches. Hard to shake them off.

fitzzer said... your neighbor, trying to take advantage of another's kindness. ~ L