Saturday, August 6, 2005

it's Saturday!

otherwise known as my friday!   one more day and i'm off    maybe for 2days in a row if they don't work me on monday    anyways, last nite after my journal entry i realized i was in shock about the denial   i was expecting at least something, not an empty package   o well , on to the appeal   i also realized i was a bit blue and moody yesterday   too busy to really notice until i sat down & chilled for awhile today i will be contemplating my different yet same direction in life   i did get some clarity regarding school, but would like to discuss it with my therapist first   since working and doing school i think this causes too much stress therefore creating more depression  i'm inclined to wait til i retire even if i have to wait another 8yrs   not sure i'll take that route, but my heart aches so much to finish school sooner than later   i've got time to think about it, but for now i need to nourish my Spirit as much as possible   more hikes and back to the gym seems to be the remedy    i'm looking forward to these adventures ...for now it's off to work i go   i owe i owe, so off to work i must go....

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