Sunday, August 7, 2005

the saturday 6

1. Besides your parents or siblings, what family member do you most resemble?    don't know   don't keep in touch with other family members    too out of touch

2. Check out this
interesting website:  Is your hometown newspaper featured?  What is the top headline of that paper or the one closest to you?
The Indianapolis Star....Sadler sails to pole position....funny of the 18yrs i lived in Indiana i never went to the race
3. If you knew it was completely tame and there was no danger, what zoo animal would you most like to pet or come into physical contact with?
a bear    my first favorite wild animal
4. Take this
quiz:  How weird are you?
60% Weird  "you're so weird, you think you'er *totally* normal..."
5. Which of the following causes more stress in your life:  your spouse, your kids, your boss, your co-workers, your friends, your parents or other relatives?
i'd say my boss  a close second would be my family when i'm around them   they drive me crazy
6. You find an old lamp containing a genie:  the genie decides to give you a single improvement for yourself, mind or body.  It must be something to improve within you and no one else.  What would you ask the genie to fix?
  my brain   i'd love to replace it at this time   just transfer memory and personality but get rid of those blues

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