Friday, August 12, 2005

clouds roll in

the clouds rolled in today   it even rained for a few moments  i didn't desire my rain gear, so i dawned my sleeveless sweatshirt   it was just right  enough to keep me dry at my chest while my arms and legs enjoyed the wetness and cool breeze   it stayed cool all day, but the humidity lingered after the shower   hopefully the clouds will remain for awhile as forecasted and the fall sneak in the meantime, i'm headed for the mtns again this weekend   as tough of week i've had, i need the refreshing scenery and air   i may go manana, but if i have the stamina for work that's where i'll be   tomorrow nite we're headed for a baseball game   my first this year   i need all the r & r i can absorb this weekend    we will start with a movie tonite, Pitch Black   another pure entertainer   i've had enough drama for the week....everyone have a great weekend    laugh, love and treasure the moments...

1 comment:

stupidsheetguy said...

Yeah, some R&R is long overdue for you. Enjoy!