Tuesday, August 2, 2005

too sleep 2 know

it's 2am in the wee hours of the nite    i'm awake dammit...not sure i got a couple hours of sleep or not    my sleep is messed up again   i really don't know what's happening   i do see my doc this month, but in the meantime i'll switch the times of taking my meds to see if that works    there's no reason, none, as to why i should be awake   i'm hoping to fall back asleep within a half hour   we'll see....in the meantime, giving Jimmy his bath was an adventure, sorta    he did pretty good actually   he kept wanting out of the tub, but maybe that was because i was only half in it    i had to return him to the tub one more time for i had missed rinsing him enough in one area   this time i got into the whole tub and he followed    looking at him drenched, he really is a lean dog   it's his long hair that makes him appear bigger   that made me happy   means i have only one dog to put on a diet, my Max, my golden retriever  he's the oldest   next payday he gets his own special food   now to keep the other dogs from eating it    they do musical bowls around here except for Jimmy  no one goes near his food...anyways, think i'll find a book to read    i read some more of Potter before dozing off, but when i was waking up i was dreaming Potter   o god that was too much...

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