Sunday, August 14, 2005

weekend over

1 flea market, one baseball game, 3 movies and sleep all in one weekend made it relaxing   saturday we started out the day late and began with breakfast treat at IHOP  the food was good, but it took forever to arrive so no tip   then we head to the flea market after picking up tickets for sat nite's game   the flea was barren in comparison how i usually find it   there were about half the vendors there than the norm   everyone must be on vacation  either way, i still found something to buy , a beautiful rainbow colored mexican blanket  there were some other great bargains but Kyle kept saying no   i was definitely in a shopping mood...once home we killed a little more time before the baseball game that was not going to be   just before departing more clouds had rolled in this time bringing some rain   it hadn't quite poured until we arrived at the stadium awaiting for game time  the sky opens up and pours cats & dogs   we left although the game had yet to be called knowing full well there'd be no game   indeed the game was canceled   we came home and watched the movies we had rented the previous nite, Hitch and Pitch Black   Kyle, Nicole and I got thru Hitch   it was a good romance movie, but that's my thing right now for it only reminds me of how much i miss a relationship...anyways, Nicole headed to bed as Pitch Black began and Kyle followed soon there after   for some reason i was wide awake   i usually am not up past midnite unless i can't sleep   well i'd soon realize i hadn't taken my meds and i was awake because of that   eventually about 4:30am i fall asleep  and sleep til noon time sunday   i woke long enough for a bite of breakfast then it was back to sleep for another hour   finally awake, i'm up    now the course of the day begins with running my dogs   Nicole has headed back to ft bliss while kyle & i take jasmine on her first walk with my kids   i wasn't going to make it to the mtns afterall so this was my compromise   after wearing out the kids, we head down to the ballpark again for the makeup game  not much of a crowd, but then again i don't think people knew it was scheduled  everyone began arriving for the second game at the original time ...i receive a call from Cindy and off we go to the dollar movie   this time it was 'Monster-in-Law'   this movie was better than i had anticipated  it was hilarious   must purchase it later once on vhs or dvd....overall the weekend was good   it gave me some time to heal my anger from last week, to let go of the worries in life and just be   now tomorrow it's back to work i go but i'll be refreshed and with renewed strength   i'm scheduled to be off tuesday   if that remains the same, then i can go to the mtns for a little hike   there's still a little hope with my p.o. retirement   my boss informed me on friday that i only have a few more months   i took that as an indication he recommended approval of my retirement in his statement     like Jude, another j-lander, i need another 2 weeks of r & r.....

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stupidsheetguy said...

Well, heck, a few more months? You can do that standing on your head, and then there will be tons of R&R for you to enjoy.

Go have a good hike!