Sunday, August 28, 2005

mornin' is everyone this day?   i'm sittin here this morn contemplating what time to attend church   since the past couple days i haven't been able to read my book, think i'll wait til the 11am service although i much prefer the 9am service   who knows by the time i finish this entry i may change my mind   it's going to be a full day  and i want to get a hike in today   i'm also going to see Tabou for her mother hasn't been playing with her for a couple weeks due to a toe injury   it's enough she leaves her outside all the time and not get much company   so, Godmother K will go play with her today   she's getting bigger   maybe i'll take her for a walk in the park    it all depends on time    i'll manage somehow   besides my hike & church, i need to grocery shop while kyle is rollerskating this evening   plus i wanted to take my kids for their walk    hmmmm....back to the 9am service 

anyways, kyle cleaned house for us yesterday   he does a really good job and i don't have to tell him to do it    i gave him a hug and thanked him and said he could go roller skating   he needs to get out of the house and let some steam off    he was headed there last nite, but it was too late    so we took Tjnya to walgreens drug store then came home and watched The Fast and the Furious   it was pretty good   kyle must know every movie there is   and remembers every detail about them    he sat and told me a little about last nite's movie    anyways, think i'm headed to church     i'll come back and let you know the news regarding Kyle and Nicole    anyone want to guess?


lacaza3 said...

your a good aunt....hope you get to finish your book..
Donna In TEXAS

ksquester said...

I haven't a clue.........Anne